10+ Dogs Who Are Dead Ringers For Things You Just Won’t Believe


If you got used to taking your samoyed for a marshmallow, get ready to see dogs which remind of things far stranger! Below you will find images of dogs and their ‘prototypes’.

Have you ever seen a dog-the-bread or dog-the-towel (or even dog-the-mop?!)? Unexpected photos await you, as you can never know what shape your dog can take to resemble a thing which you would never think of when saying the word ‘dog’.

#1 Komondor looks like a mop.

#2 Dog looks like a sheep.

#3 Shar Pei puppy looks like a towel.

#4 Pug babies look like croissants.

#5 Pitbull looks like a tooth.

#6 Pug looks like a loaf of bread.

#7 Dog looks like a muffin.

#8 This dog looks like… another dog!

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