10+ Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate


Dogs see the world differently, and some actions which seem to us friendly and pleasant are not so good for your dogs. They would definitely complain if they could, but very often they just have to bear it.

Read on to learn what things that humans do can be irritating or frightening for your dog and choose wisely when deciding how you want to praise your dog: verbally or by patting him!

1. Teasing of any kind.

Whatever you do to tease a dog, say, imitating barking of the dog behind the fence you’re passing by or showing such a dog it can’t reach you by waving or approaching, is not liked by any dog. Actually, humans (at least most of them) don’t like it too, so no wonder pulling dogs’ tails is a bad idea.

2. Boredom.

Dogs also want to do something and they can’t understand why you keep on lying on your sofa when returning home, so they start chewing furniture and so on. Just pay attention to your pet, play with your dog or teach her new tricks: it’s necessary to train your pet not only physically, but also intellectually.

A bored dog and his owner

3. Seeing the owner tense.

If you are angry or tense, your dog will feel it. Even humans can feel such states, and so do dogs. Of course, they don’t like such an atmosphere and can become depressed too, so if there is no other reason for such a strange behavior of your dog, think about whether you have been being tense recently.

Dog on a tight leash

4. The tight leash feeling.

You see, when you keep a tight leash, your dog feels like you are angry or ready to fight, and she starts feeling nervous and even may bark regardless of the situation. It’s important to teach your dog how to walk on a slack leash, as it’s beneficial both to you and your dog.

5. Uninteresting walks.

Most people walk their dogs just for the potty reason (or exercising). Yet for dogs, the most interesting thing about walking is that they can smell different objects. If you can dedicate at least one walk a week to ‘smelling trips’ and take your dog to an area unknown to her, it’ll be a true adventure for your pet and mean new objects to explore!

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