10+ Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate


6. Interaction with the people your dog does not like.

Actually, the same is true of people, but some tend to forget about it and force their dog to interact with the people she really dislikes. Pay attention to the body language of your dog: she can ignore such people or even growl. If you fail to notice these, your pet can even bite your friend. Also, the dog can stop trusting you.

Dog punches guy in the face

7. Lack of rules.

Dogs love when there are rules and really want to have boundaries. Develop a set of rules and do something to implement them (swearing when your dog decides to sleep on your bed after a walk in the rain is not a good idea). Let the dog know you are the leader – they will appreciate it! Remember that dogs do not understand exceptions to rules and see no difference between jumping on your bed after having a bath and after lying in the mud.

Family leaves husky for a few hours

8. Staring.

Dogs are getting scared and try to defend them when they see a stranger who’s staring at them (just like people do not like such situations and find them creepy!). Direct eye contact without blinking is not a good strategy of making friends with a new dog, as it’s regarded by her as an act of dominance or danger. Instead, bend slightly, do not look her right in the eye and speak quietly and friendly. Otherwise, she’ll be scared even if you smile while staring.

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