10+ Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate


9. Head or face patting.

Most people don’t like it when someone touches their faces or heads, and dogs do the same. Try to avoid patting the face or head of dogs and rub them on their rear – it’s the best strategy of encouraging and rewarding your dog if you want the process to include touching your pet. Of course, a friendly dog can tolerate patting her face or head, but she won’t like it.

Petting a dog on his head
The Huffington Post

10. Hugging.

Dogs really abhor hugging. Even if they don’t bite you when you reach out to hug your pet, it does not mean she feels just like you. Of course, some dogs like hugs, but it’s a rare case. Most dogs find it frightening and threatening, so be careful when letting your children hug dogs, especially the ones you don’t know well.

11. Speaking with words instead of your body.

Dogs prefer to understand what you want to tell them by judging how you move instead of what you say. They do not understand everything you want to express by verbal means, so body language is what works best for them. Try to communicate with your dog only with signs for a day or two – you will see that she really likes it and understands!

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