10+ Things No One Tells You About Having A Lot Of Dogs


If you think that you have experienced everything dogs can offer and you have only one dog, you are wrong! These pics reveal various aspects of being an owner of several dogs. Having many dogs means not just more dog food and beds, but more fun, more hair, less sleep and less opportunities for a quiet dinner!

Besides, you will be able to stop going to a gym, as going to a park with several dogs can be a challenging training session by itself! Whatever the downsides, dog family owners still love their pets!

1. Your personal space doesn’t matter.

2. Dog hair has become a part of your wardrobe.

3. And part of your bed, too.

4. They may not always get along.


5. But they are always incredibly protective of one another.

6. You can no longer enjoy a meal in peace.

7. Your house has a certain… smell.

8. Sleeping can be quite the struggle.

9. And leaving them everyday is a constant battle.

10. You have different voices for each dog.

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