15+ Pics That Perfectly Sum Up Having A Dog


If you always have a couple of your own hairs on your coat, take a look at the pictures below – you’ll be wondering at how furry these pets are! Quite often it doesn’t take much time to get another dog after brushing your pet. Perhaps you’ll even recognize yourself and your dog in these animals and their owners.

These images perfectly sum up what it’s like having a pet, especially if your little friend has long hair!

#1 I Just Brushed My Dog And Made A New One

#2 Leaving A House With Pets

#3 Brushed Out My “fluffy” Corgi’s Coat Today. Her Undercoat Defies Physics

#4 Brush A Husky, Get One Free

#5 My Retriever Falls Asleep When I Brush Her. She’ll Wake Up And Discover I Made Her A Friend

#6 That’ll Teach Me To Walk Around The House Wearing Socks

#7 Everytime He Gets A Brush

#8 And Then I Became A Werewolf

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