10+ Facts You Never Knew About Military Working Dogs


There are warriors that are rarely honored, yet they do great job defending people during war and peace. These are military dogs serving in the army and various organizations. Such brave canines deserve a closer look, so here are 16 facts about military working dogs you may not know.

1. There is a tradition to consider every MWD to be a noncommissioned officer.

Military working dogs are all officers, and that means they are always higher in rank than their handlers. It also makes them respect their four-legged colleagues and treat them well.

2. German Shepherds are not the only MWDs.

It is widely thought that German Shepherds are the only canines serving in the army. That’s not true, as other breeds, such as Labrador Retriever and Belgian Malinois are used too.

3. Only half of puppies being trained make it through the program.

To be qualified for service, dogs should fit physically (no dysplasia, etc.) and have just the right aggression and excitability balance. Motivation is very important, and many puppies simply cannot overcome the stress of having to bite humans.

4. Kong is the desirable reward of all MWDs.

Kong is the toy that is used to simulate drugs or explosives, and to fit the position, a dog is supposed to express great eagerness to get Kong.

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