9 Scientific Reasons Dogs Are Better Than Cats


Let us specify what we mean: below you will see a list of reasons why being an owner of a dog is better than being an owner of a cat. So we do not mean cats are inferior to dogs: they are different and cannot be compared apart from their relationship with humans. Yet if you have a dog in your house, that’s way better! And here is why.

1. Dogs are invaluable for the elderly.

Since such people do not normally work (and some of them do not live with their grandchildren to take care of), they need some schedule and want to feel they really do something significant. Dogs love their owners, and this feeling is really needed by the elderly who are alone.

2. Walking with your dog is an essential part of living with your four-legged friend.

Thus, you always have some kind of exercising, which is beneficial for health. It’s good to walk your dog regardless of age; the elderly also have to go out to have a walk, which otherwise might not happen so often.

3. According to the research that focused on the emotional impact of cats and dogs on humans and involved 95 people, those who own a dog laugh way more often than those who have no pets.

It’s interesting to note that cat owners laugh even more seldom than an average person. So dogs make people happier.

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