11 Celebrity Dogs Who Tragically Passed Away


R.I.P. Brutus

dwayne-johnson-the-rock-and-french-bulldog In 2015, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson used to have a French bulldog called Brutus that survived drowning in the celebrity’s pool, but died within several weeks after having eaten a toxic mushroom.

R.I.P. Floyd

 In 2014, Miley Cyrus had her beloved dog called Floyd attacked by a coyote. The dog was so dear to her she even made a tattoo dedicated to the puppy.

R.I.P. Daisy

 In 2009, a coyote got into the backyard of Jessica Simpson, caught her dog called Daisy and ran away. Simpson strived to find the dog using social networks, but it was done in vain.

R.I.P. Gracie

 In 2007, the dog called Gracie choked on a plastic ball and died, making its owner Oprah Winfrey grieve.

R.I.P. Sammy

 Unexpected death of Justin Bieber’s dog called Sammy that happened in December 2014 made his fans feel sorrow for him.

R.I.P. Lila

 Coyotes are not the only cause that made Miley Cyrus lose pets. Her own dog, Ziggy, fought with Lila, another dog of Cyrus, and killed her. It happened in 2012. Cyrus decided to bring Ziggy to a dog rescue, where the dog was adopted by another family (with no other animals or children to fight with).

R.I.P. Lola

Hilary Duff’s dog called Lola passed away in 2013 after struggling to overcome various illnesses, such as eye infection. The dog even had to undergo brain surgery.

R.I.P. Vida

Gisele Bundchen’s Yorkie died in 2012 at the age of 15. The dog was so loved by its owner that it even became part of the celebrity’s wedding.

R.I.P. Little Bit

 In 2009, coyote attacks continued, and the next one was a Pomeranian called Little Bit – a dog owned by the Osbourns. They didn’t see the attack as they were watching TV.

R.I.P. HoneyCombs

In 2014, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs’s dog, Honey, died leaving Combs very upset. He admitted it was a black day for him.

R.I.P. Buddy

 In 2015, Demi Lovato’s and Wilmer Valderrama’s dog, Buddy, became another victim of coyotes.

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