25+ Unbelievably Cute Corgi Mixes You’ll Have to See to Believe


If there are animals which can be awarded the title of one of the cutest and aww-looking pets, it’s corgis! Now imaging that you can mix the appearance of a corgi and some other breed you like. What will such chemistry result in?

See the following list of pics: there are dozens of breeds which combine the features of corgis and other dog breeds, such as poodles, shepherds, husky, etc. It must be noted that one feature remains the same – the easy to recognize short legs. Enjoy!

#1 Corgi + Golden Retriever = Golden Corgitriever
Corgi Golden Retriever mix

#2 Corgi + Chihuahua = Chihorgi
Corgi Chihuahua mix

#3 Corgi + Pug = Cug
Corgi Pug mix

#4 Corgi + Chow Chow = Chorgi Chorgi
Corgi Chow Chow mix

#5 Corgi + Husky = Corgsky
Corgi Husky mix

#6 Corgi + Long Haired Dachshund = Long Haired Corghund
Corgi Long Haired Dachshund mix

#7 Corgi + Black Lab = Black Laborgi
Corgi Black Lab mix

#8 Corgi + German Shepherd = German Shephorgi
Corgi German Shepherd mix

#9 Corgi + Pomeranian = Pomergi
Corgi Pomeranian mix

#10 Corgi + Shiba Inu = Shiborgi
Corgi Shiba Inu mix

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