10+ Dads Who Didn’t Want The Damn Dogs In Their Lives


#31 My Dad “Not A Dog Person” And Ella “Doesn’t Count As A Dog”

#32 When My Dad Said He Didn’t Want A Dog But Really..

#33 My Dad Would Never Admit How Much He Loves Our Old Dog. But After Finding This Picture On His Phone, He Doesn’t Have To

#34 And To Think My Father Didn’t Want A Dog

#35 My Dad Didn’t Want A Dog, He Has Stood Holding Harley For Almost Half An Hour Whilst He Sleeps

#36 “I Don’t Need A Dog!”, My Dad Said. Now: Best Buddies Napping Together

#37 And This Is My Dad… The Man That Didn’t Want A Dog

#38 Dad: “I Don’t Want A Dog”

#39 My Dad Didn’t Even Want A Dog And Now Look

#40 My Dad Claims He Doesn’t Like Dogs Occasionally. Okay Dad Whatever You Say

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