10+ Dads Who Didn’t Want The Damn Dogs In Their Lives


#41 My Dad Swore He Wanted Nothing To Do With This Dog. Came Down Stairs To This Last Night

#42 “I Don’t Want A Big Dog!” “That Dog Is Not Coming In The House!” “That Dog Better Not Get In Our Bed!”

#43 My Dad Didn’t Want A Dog

#44 My Dad Didn’t Even Want A Dog And Now I Think He Loves Her More Than Me

#45 For Someone Who “Doesn’t Like Dogs”, I Found My Dad Picking Up And Hugging My Dog Like This

#46 My Dad Didn’t Want These “damn Dogs” Either

#47 This Is So Funny To Me Bc My Dad Didn’t Want The Dog But Now They Love Each Other

#48 What My Dad Sends Me When I’m At Work. I Thought He Didn’t Want A Dog

#49 To Everyone Who Knew How Much My Dad Didn’t Want A Puppy. Here He Is Just Having A Ball

#50 So My Dad Always Reminds Me That My Dog Is Nothing To Do With Him, That’s Hard To Believe

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