5 Best and 5 Worst Dog Breeds for First Time Owners


From the very beginning, it should be noted that the division of dog breeds into “best dogs for first-time owners” and “worst dog breeds for beginners” is rather notional. That is the nature of dogs – any of them can become the BEST friend for their master.

And if you have dreamed for many years of a dog belonging to some particular breed and you are ready to spare no effort, time or money to provide your pet with the right living conditions, you can safely adopt a puppy and enjoy its devoted friendship and ability to adore the owner, as only dogs can do.

But if you have never kept a dog and have no established preference for the breed, then you should choose “good first dog breeds” which require the simplest care, have the strongest health and the most good-natured temper.

So, let’s list the five best dog breeds for beginners.

1. Collie


These medium sized dogs have surprisingly good-natured disposition, so they are great for families with small children and for single elderly people getting a dog for the first time. Collies are very intelligent, calm and reasonable, so during the walk, you need not keep a close watch on them – they do not start fights and do not do anything stupid. Thanks to high intelligence, such a dog becomes a real friend.

2. Spitz

German Spitz

This breed has many varieties, but they all have a very amusing appearance, thick, beautiful fur and playfulness. Spitz are very kid friendly and like company. They are smart and easy to train. Also they are very strongly attached to their owners. They have good health, but despite mobility, they tend to be obese, so you must not overfeed them. Due to all these qualities Spitz are considered to be one of the best companion dogs.

3. Pug


Due to its small size, the dog feels great in small town apartments. In addition, pugs do not need increased physical exercise, so walking them is very easy. They are very calm, friendly and love to play with children.

4. Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier

This is a hunting breed, but, nevertheless, it is perfect for beginners. This is a strong and very active dog. Jack Russell Terrier is recommended especially for those who like to spend a lot of time in the open air, since these dogs need long walks. The nature of this terrier is good-humored, it likes to play with children in outdoor games and hunt for mice. And if it is properly trained, it can be a good guard and a hard worker.

5. West Highland White Terrier

West Highland White Terrier

It is a miniature dog, capable of being both a brave hunter, and a good-natured companion. It is very cheerful, energetic and playful. The West Highland White Terrier is well suited for living in a city apartment. It needs long walks and regular haircuts.

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