10+ Dog Expressions That Perfectly Sum Up What It’s Like To Be A Mother


Being a mother does not only mean smiling, playing and being happy looking at your child all the time. It also means sleepless nights, lots of things to do and having enough patience to cope with all the cases of disobedience.

Despite the downsides being minor in comparison with the happiness motherhood brings, there are moments when moms are exhausted or even skeptical. In the world of dogs, it’s just the same: simply take a look at these dog moms!

#1 Zoe Is So Excited To Be A New Mom!

#2 This Is Not What I Expected

#3 The “First Time Mom” Look

#4 Well Hello There

#5 Mom And Son

#6 Two Heads Together Are Better Than One

#7 My Doodle Escaping From His Daughter’s Hyperness

#8 WTF Just Happened?

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