Sad Dog Found Abandoned In A Field With A Note On Her Neck


Tessa the dog has recently been found in a field with all her belongings – she was tied up and had a note on her which read that the person who was supposed to take care of the dog doesn’t actually want a dog.

For some strange reason he didn’t take the pet to a shelter but left her alone in the field. The dog was saved by Alan Webster, a local pet ambulance service owner. This said story progressed like this:

Tessa was previously owned by Yvonne Radcliffe, a 76-year-old woman who loved her dog but had to move to Canada. Fearing that the 12-year-old dog would not survive the flight, she left the dog to her neighbor whom she’d known for nine years.

The man pretended to want taking the dog home, but when she left, he took Tessa with all her belongings to a field and left a note that he didn’t want a dog and mentioned all the info he knew about Tessa.

The dog was found by Alan Webster who was fundraising in that area and taken to a shelter when she’s now attended by volunteers.

Here’s what the note left by the neighbor read.

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