Dog Saved After Falling Into Creek By A Stranger


It was a quiet morning. Sara Melnicoff, living in Mill Creek, Washington, decided to go for a walk and took her 13-year-old dog she calls Carli. When they approached the creek, the dog suddenly fell into the waters. Sara ran along the creek watching how her dog was trying to get out of the water. Melnikoff was about to jump into the water, when a stranger appeared. It was a young man who immediately took off his clothes to his boxers and made his way to the dog. It was difficult to move, raging currents would always try to sweep him away. Slippery rocks were not safe to step on.

The rescuer’s name was Bobby L’Heureux. He caught the dog up despite powerful currents. The dog was completely exhausted and very cold. Sara was so grateful to Bobby for saving her dog that she donated some money to the charity organization L’Heureux managed.

The 13-year-old dog fell into Mill Creek and could not get out. Suddenly there appeared a young man who undressed and plunged into the waters to save the dog.

He jumped into the water and tried to get to the dog. The raging currents made it very difficult for him to move.

The man’s name was Bobby L’Heureux. He followed the dog down the stream and caught up with her soon.

Sara, the dog’s owner, couldn’t help crying as she was scared. When Bobby brought the dog to her, she was shaking with tears. Sara was so grateful to have her dog back she donated some money to Bobby’s charity organization.

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