10 Adorable Gifts For A Newborn In A Dog-loving Family


Getting ready to welcome a baby to your home? Or know someone who is? Either way, a lot of useful items are very much called for to create an enjoyable experience for parents and newborns… and of course to appreciate the fact that the family has a dog to remember about!

What better way to add some pet fun than buying dog themed baby clothes, toys and accessories? Cute, funny and to the point – let’s take a closer look at some of the loveliest options.

1. Cute Paws Bodysuit

Baby Onesie with Dog Print
Source: The Trendy Toddlers

This adorable onesie has a funny dog print on it that instantly stands out. “My sibling has paws” – what better way to manifest your love to the favorite pet?

Snaps at the bottom are a relief to parents struggling with changing their newborns who will fully appreciate how easy and quick the experience can be.

2. Dog Hooded Towel

Dog Hooded Towel

A lovely towel made of 100% woven terry cotton is incredibly soft and cozy to wrap your little one in. And it’s easy to wash and clean too, the towel being water absorbent and machine washable. Probably the best property of this cute item is its generous size which makes it possible to fully wrap up the baby and still have something left to tug.

3. Paw Prints Plush Blanket

Paw Prints Plush Blanket

Possibly featuring one of the cutest pet related prints, this blanket from Carter is a must-have item on your list. Ultra-soft plush fabric and cotton are excellent materials for a newborn and the blanket retains its shape perfectly and does not stretch. A great blanket to keep your baby warm and cozy after a bathing session.

4. Baby Sleepbag

Baby Dog Print Sleepbag Carters

Another one of fantastic baby gifts for dog lovers, this sleepbag from Carter is perfect for a long and healthy sleep. Zip-front design guarantees safety and is soft and comfy keeping the baby warm without overheating. Your baby will never get cold and rest assured the blanket covers the body no matter how restless the sleep is.

5. Best Friend Matching Baby and Dog Outfit

Dog Baby Matching Outfit

This onesie celebrates the bond between your family and your pet. Made of 100% cotton, it’s very soft and comfy. The baby’s T-shirt has half of the heart on it while the matching shirt of the doggie has another one to showcase the true bond and love between them – a lovely design for sure.

6. Watercolor Art Puppy Prints

Watercolor Art Puppy Prints

These watercolor puppy prints are a great gift for a pet-loving family and will make a nice baby shower gift or a bedroom decoration. A set of six glossy photos feature cute doggies, and can be put into custom frames. Wonderful original artwork that all pet lovers will fully appreciate.

7. My Little Snugapuppy Deluxe Bouncer

My Little Snugapuppy Deluxe Bouncer

The plush and silky canopy of this bouncer will send your baby into a sweet and comfy sleep. The bouncer comes with a variety of great features: soft head support, soothing vibrations and nature sounds and tunes. On top of that, this bouncer from Fisher Price is machine washable and dryer safe.

8. Plush Puppy Pacifier Holder

Plush Puppy Pacifier Holder

Probably one of the funniest ideas for making sure that the pacifier is not lost when the baby starts crawling all over the bedroom. The animal toys are soft and lightweight. The pacifier can be easily removed from the animal to clean or replace it with a new one. Babies love hugging these cute toys which look just like the real ones roaming their houses.

9. Puppy Finger Puppet Book

Puppy Finger Puppet Book

Time for active learning and fun! Here’s a fantastic way to inspire your kids to learn and play – the book is an enjoyable experience for both parents and children. This one has a puppy finger puppet affixed to it which the kids can touch and explore – a great technique for developing motor skills. The book has a hard cover and is durable and compact.

10. Dog Plush Sound Toy

Dog Plush Sound Toy

A lovely doggie plush toy that your baby will love to hug and cuddle with. The puppy toy comes in a beautiful shade of blue, with embroidered eyes and nose to keep the baby safe. A couple of white spots make the design funny and unique. Press the button and the dog will bark. And, luckily for parents and kids alike, this plush toy is machine washable.

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