Why Do Dogs Lick People’s Faces?


Would you ever think about why on earth dogs lick our faces? Someone calls it love, someone thinks this is only biological but nothing else and there are just two random opinions. Like in many other cases which are connected with dog’s behavior there is no one and right response.

Scientists still do their researches and collecting new information. But for now, let’s look deeper into this topic and make a list of possible answers to this question that we have already today.

Why Do Dogs Lick People's Faces?


Some animal owners consider a licking as an emotional expression of love and affection to humans. Dogs cannot speak that is why they use different tricks and licking is one of them to deliver necessary information to us. Moreover, scientists analyzing dog’s behavior believe when a dog licks your mouth, head, or hand especially in public it wants other to see that this is Your Owner and he is already taken!

French bulldog licks baby

A habit from the childhood

For better understanding where the licking habit is come from we suggest to pay attention to the environment of very first weeks from the birth moment and relationships with the parents. Adult dogs constantly lick their puppies, trying to take care of them. The licking is necessary for normal puppy growth and developing it is also building a special connection between a baby dog and its parent. In return puppies always lick their parents in hope that they will feed them. May we say that they inherit this behavior habit? A dog keeps licking any being reminding its parents to ask for food, help or attention. This is not proven statement but it is most probably that exactly in the childhood a dog is being put in with this habit.

Manner of meeting

If you come close to the unknown dog the first reaction will be to smell you. Next step is to lick you. It is “getting to know you” ritual when an animal is using all its sense organs: ears, nose and mouth receptors. Your voice, smell and taste tells dog the unique information about you and it decides to stop or continue your meeting.

Some people thinks that dogs just like our skin’s texture but it also has no scientific evidence.

In the end, it should be said that this is definitely natural animal’s feature. Sometimes it may disturb you sometimes you may like it. But this is the way it is. Part of your dog language and at least we can try to learn how to understand it better.

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