20+ Terrifyingly Pawsome Halloween Costume Ideas For Dogs


Many Americans love Halloween and want their pets to take part in it. Just like for humans, they create costumes for their dogs to wear. In this series of pics, you will see dogs dressed in what their owners have prepared for the event.

If you want to do something like this too, please remember not to force the dog wear something it does not like! Make sure the pet feels comfortable (both physically and morally): pets are supposed to survive during Halloween!

Cop and Prisoner
Policeman and Prisoner Dog Costume

BUY NOW: $17, Police Dog Costume amazon.com; $15, Prison Pooch Dog Costume amazon.com

Pope Dog
Pope dog

BUY NOW: $15, halloweencostumes.com

Hard Hat Hero
Construction worker & lion dog halloween costumes

BUY NOW: $18, Rubies Costume Company Construction Worker Pet Costume, amazon.com; $13, TOMSENN Dog Lion Mane, amazon.com

UPS Pup Halloween Costume

BUY NOW: $16, amazon.com


Get the tutorial at Lovely Indeed. What you’ll need: Mache box ($8; amazon.com); Felt in various colors ($20; amazon.com); Cotton batting ($8; amazon.com); Craft paper ($14; amazon.com)

Guitar Style Dog
Guitar Style Dog Halloween Costume

BUY NOW: $23, amazon.com

Count Dracula
vampire dog

BUY NOW: $17, amazon.com

Zombie Dog
zombie dog costume

BUY NOW: $16, halloweencostumes.com

Dynamic Duo
Batman and Superman dog costumes

BUY NOW: $10, Classic Batman costume, amazon.com; $12, Classic Superman costume, amazon.com

Trump Dog Halloween Costume

BUY NOW: $10, amazon.com

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