Husky Gets Stuck On Coconut Tree, The Internet Decides To Help… With Photoshop (15+ Pics)


A photo of a Siberian husky that stuck on a tropical tree became a hit the day it was posted on the Internet. Yet it was not the end – we have compiled a set of pictures created with the help of Photoshop by different users.

Have you seen a motorcyclist husky? Or perhaps a husky flying on a broom? Or a husky accompanying Putin? These funny pictures will make your day and can even inspire you to create your own sitting-husky-masterpiece!

#1 Came In Like A…

#2 Lunch Break Atop Rockefeller Plaza Construction

#3 Wow. Much Speed. Very Pew

#4 That’s Not How It Works, Thats Not How Any Of This Works!

#5 Badass

#6 Who Let The Dogs Out?

#7 Quidditch Through The Ages

#8 Bad To The Bone

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