10+ Dog Breeds Mixed With Husky


Huskies are loved by many people due to their beautiful fur and blue eyes that seem to pierce your soul. Yet what happens when someone breeds a husky with some other dog?

In this set of pics, you’ll see the results if what can happen if you mix a husky with a pug, border collie, shepherd, beagle, poodle, corgi and other breeds. Yet one distinctive feature always remains: it’s the bright blue eyes that betray a true husky origin of the dog you see.

Husky + Corgi = Corgsky
Husky and Corgi mix

Husky + Shepherd = Shepusky
Husky and Shepherd mix

Husky + Beagle = Beasky
Husky and Beagle mix

Husky + Bull Terrier = Busk Terry
Husky and Bull Terrier mix

Husky + Shar Pei = Husk Pei
Husky and Shar Pei mix

Husky + Malamute = Malhuskmute
Husky and Malamute mix

Husky + Pomeranian = Pomsky
Husky and Pomeranian mix

Husky + Pug = Hugsky
Husky and Pug mix

Husky + Great Pyrenees = Great Huskyenees
Husky and Great Pyrenees mix

Husky + Pitbull = Pitsky
Husky and Pitbull mix

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