Police To The Rescue! Policeman Saves Puppy While On His Night Shift


Kareem Garibaldi, a police officer from Florida’s Lakeland Police Department, was on his night shift, and when Saturday sun appeared on the horizon, Kareem met someone he could not leave alone. It was a stray puppy, a pit-bull-boxer mix to be exact. The puppy seemed no be alone, as there was no one to take care of her, and she had neither collar nor dog tag. Kareem could not let the puppy get into trouble, so despite being very tired after his night shift, he took this 8-10 week old puppy home. There he fed her and stayed with the puppy.

Garibaldi tried to find out whether the puppy had owners, but he failed, so after 12 hours of work he still managed to take the puppy to the SPCA Animal Medical Centre. There the puppy was to be checked.

Connie Johnson, a manager of the organization, says that she was touched by how cute the two looked together. Though the cop was doing his best not to sleep, it proved to be really hard. Since Kareem did not try to get ahead of others just because he’s a policeman, he had to wait in the queue.

The check-up process took around three hours. The puppy appeared to be healthy except for some mites. Kareem took the puppy to the police station, and it was when the story got a happy ending! A police dispatcher was so touched by the puppy that there was no other way but to take her home! The puppy was adopted and got the name of Hope.

Kareem Garibaldi took a puppy he found on the street to have her health checked up, despite being exhausted after a night shift.

cop saves dog

Both the policeman and the puppy were extremely tired.

pit bull boxer dog

The cop didn’t try to get ahead of the queue, so he had to wait. He did his best not to sleep, but it was almost impossible.

kareem garibaldi saves dog

Except for some mites, the puppy proved to be healthy. A police dispatcher fell in love with the puppy and decided to take her home. From this moment, the puppy will be called Hope.

cute puppy was saved by cop

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