Puppy Kissing A Fish Inspires A Hilarious Photoshop Battle (10+ Pics)


The photo of a puppy “kissing” a toi fish has become a meme and lead to a series of Photoshop works inspired by the original image. See the puppy and fish wedding, dining, serving in the army, and other situations which might occur if things were different (or if the dog/fish was too hungry).

The Photoshop battle is still on, and new photos are being designed, so the list isn’t likely to be comprehensive.

#1 Nom

#2 Last Kiss Goodbye

#3 The Saddest Love Story :'(

#4 Wow, Mom Was Right. Sushi Is Delicious!

#5 When It Spots You, You Must

#6 Beautifull Wedding

#7 Inverted World

#8 Not Your Average Meal

#9 Jealous Fish Wife

#10 Narcissus & Echo And The Fish

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