Raw Eggs In Your Dog’s Diet. To Feed Or Not To Feed?


The basic diet for dogs consists of protein products. The eggs as other products have a variety of useful properties. They contain protein, a complete set of amino acids, minerals (ferrum, selenium) and vitamins (A, B, D). Also, a protein from the egg is necessary for tissue renovation, muscles building and hair strengthening.

Moreover, scientists have proved that chicken egg is well assimilated by dogs and among other protein consisted products it has the highest biological value compared to fish, beef and soy. B-vitamins are responsible for dog’s growth and development. They also take part in red blood cells producing and as well B-vitamins are needed for nervous system to function well. B9 and B12 are making stronger an immune system and giving energy to your dog.

Feeding dogs raw eggs

Good quantity

Many dog experts consider eggs as a good product for dogs but it should be given in a moderate quantity. Otherwise your pet may put on an extra weight.

An approximate amount of different eggs for dogs within one week.

Quail egg Chicken egg Goose egg
A puppy (middle size) 1-2 ½-1 ¼ or less
A dog (middle size) 2-4 1-2 ½-1

You may feed your animal with a raw egg but the rest of its food should be also raw and vice versa. Veterinaries say it is important that all food has the same type because stomach is getting used to products that it has to digest.


Except the all healthy things that eggs have they may harm your dog. Feeding dogs raw eggs, first of all, can bring to idiosyncrasy. In two days, you will notice is your dog allergic to this new product or not. Eggs could cause increased aerogenesis and it will be the problem if you and your pet live together in a flat or a house. And the most dangerous thing is salmonella. It is a mortal disease and may be communicated to a human. So, you should be sure about the eggs you are giving to your dog. Puppies and dogs with low immune system are not recommended to eat raw eggs.

What about eggshell?

One more thing – eggshell. Should you feed it to your dog? Of course, without any doubts. It riches in calcium and more than 27 useful micro-elements which makes bones and teeth stronger. You should grind it carefully up and mix with the main meal.

To sum it up raw eggs for dogs has long list of its good and healthy properties but on the other side you may face some serious risks with your pet. This information for you to think and decide to feed your dog with raw eggs and leave the question: “Can I feed my dogs with raw eggs?”.

Raw Eggs In Your Dog’s Diet. To Feed Or Not To Feed?

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