There is Always a Reason For Dog to Howl. Just Find Out Which One is Yours


Howl of a dog is a communicating thing and the most likely a secretive one. In the first place, wolves howl when they want to tell others their whereabouts and to get in response others too.

With dogs scientists give us more than one explanation about this fact because this subject is up to date in a researching progress. And we without a doubt will get a view of all of them with pleasure.

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An emotional explanation

Some dogs howl when they are greeting someone or vice versa feel alone (especially puppies), some other when they are happy about something. Among noises that make dogs howl are the music they like. If you have a question how to get my dog to howl you should find out its favorite melody and play it. So how many dogs how many emotional reasons for each of them to howl. Dog’s auditory range is equal to human’s but it is much more sensitive.

Physical explanation

In a period of full moon gravity forces are confronting each other and making each other extinguish. Human body hardly feels sun position above the horizon that is meaning insomnia for a lot of people. As for animals which we remember are a way too sensitive than humans full moon has an accelerator effect on all their spirits. That is why at this full moon nights animals often are awake. Their brain doesn’t have rest in this time so they may have an aggressive behavior and of course making howl sounds.

Why do dogs howl?

Mystical explanation

A proverbial wisdom says if a dog howl to the ground someone probably may die soon. And actually, this happens but if we are talking about death only by natural causes. It is somehow connected with a dog’s developing smell. Human’s body before death is functioning differently metabolism is slowing down, energy is decreasing and it starts to smell in a different way. By the way dog howl to the ground not because of there is a place for the corpse but to get rid of the new annoying smell which is scared it. In this situation, a dog howl not loud pitifully it rather yip. One more wisdom: if a dog howl to the sky it is fire somewhere. At this point a dog looks up as it can in case its barking will be loud and widespread.

Illness explanation

If your dog is sick howl is guaranteed to be here too. This is a natural demonstration of total inner weakness and hard physical condition. In this case it howls asking for you to help.

Eventually there are many cynologists who may teach your dog to howl in one case or do not to howl for example if it is disturbing you.

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