Samoyeds VS Marshmallows: Can You Spot The Difference?


If you have never seen Samoyeds, you should definitely take a look at this astonishing breed. They’re one of the fluffiest and cutest dogs in the world. Sometimes they remind of marshmallows, so here is a test for you to become a professor of Samoyedology (or marshmellology?).

We have carried out a scientific research into the issue of whether it is possible to differentiate between a Samoyed and marshmallows. The answer is no, but why not giving it a try?

These are two different things:

Here is a marshmallow.

And here you see a Samoyed.

Impressed? That’s just the first try, so learn these basics of samoyemarshmellology!

Here is what a marshmallow looks like.

And it is a marshmallow with four legs that is often called a Samoyed.

“When I grow up, I want to be like a cloud… or a pillow.”
Get ready to make out where marshmallows are depicted and when it’s a Samoyed pretending to be a marshmallow.

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