10+ Powerful Photos Of Service Dogs That Capture Their Incredible Loyalty


Dogs have been serving in the army for a very long time. No major (and minor) clash is seen without a dog participating in it. These brave dogs sniff explosives, find mines, protect soldiers, serve as firefighters and policemen and do so many things which some people cannot do.

In this set of pictures, you’ll see dogs at work, doing their job the best way possible. Appreciate their devotedness to their fallen masters, their bravery and expertise – it’s so disarming.

#1 A Puppy Saved From A Fire Becomes A Firefighter


#3 Army Soldier And His Military Working Dog Jump Off The Ramp Of A CH-47 Chinook Helicopter

#4 Friends Till Death Do Us Part


#6 A Police Dog And Its Trainer Practise Skipping At A Police Dog Training Base



#9 A Dog Saying Goodbye To His Soldier Friend


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