18 Simple Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy Indoors


Your dog is yawning all the time and keeps on chewing furniture? It means she’s really bored and wants you to do something to entertain your pet. It can be easy if it’s summer and the weather is okay, but what if the weather conditions are not good for playing with your dog?

Here are 18 simple ways to keep your four-legged friend busy indoors.

1. The which hand game.

To play this game, you will need dog treats. Here is how to play it: hide a treat in one of your fists and show your hands to your dog. The dog is supposed to find where the treat is hidden. If she chooses right by sniffing the correct hand of touching it, give the reward to your pet. If she doesn’t manage to find it, give it another try. Try using the ‘touch’ command.

2. A game of tug.

If you have a toy to play a game of tug, it’s a really nice way to entertain your dog. Most people ask whether such an activity can make your dog aggressive, but studies show no evidence that there’s an association between aggression and a game of tug. It’s a good workout both for you and your dog.

3. Hide and seek.

This game is good to play not only with humans, but with dogs too. Command your dog to stay, then hide somewhere, call your pet and let her find you. When playing it for the first time, choose a place where it’d be easy to find you and make the game harder as you play.

4. Fetch teaching.

Why not teaching your dog to fetch different objects, such as your slippers, newspaper or even some banana from the kitchen? Also, your dog can bring you a remote for you TV set or impress your friends by opening the fridge and getting a can of something out of it. You can attach something to the fridge door to make the process of opening easier for your pet.

5. Turning the light on/off.

Are you too lazy to stand up and turn on the light? Teach your dog to do it instead of you! Mind that there may be some scratches near the switch, so teach your dog this trick only if you don’t mind such damage to your wall. That’s also impressive, and your dog can even wake you up in the morning!

6. Games with toys.

Assign certain names to your dog’s toys and have her pick out the right one from the others. You can develop the game by hiding the named toy and commanding to find it. The game is beneficial both in terms of mental and physical development of your dog. You can also find your remote this way if you’ve lost it again!

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