18 Simple Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy Indoors


7. Refresh your dog’s basic training skills by repeating the sit, stay, drop it, down and come here commands.

If you dog still does not know some of these, it’s high time to train her how to do all these actions. These are basic obedience commands every dog must know regardless of breed and age.

8. Cleaning up training.

You can teach your pet to clean up her toys when not in use. Command her to drop the object when it’s above the container or box where you store all the toys. This trick is both interesting to look at (a dog that is able to clean up her toys after playing is impressive!) and can help you keep your house clean.

9. A game of fetch.

Though it’s often impossible to throw objects far away while at home, you still can take a toy or some stick and throw it to the other corner of the room. Your dog will appreciate the game and love the physical training. Make sure there are no fragile objects in the place where your dog will be running!

10. Learn how to give a dog massage.

Why are all home activities supposed to be done by the dog herself? Why not giving her a massage? Daily massage may help prevent the development of several illnesses, such as joint issues and arthritis. It also benefits blood circulation and lets your dog feel better.

11. Grooming.

If a dog massage is already given, why not continue the dog spa activities? Brush your dog’s teeth, trim her nails, groom her and let her hair shine. Make sure you have enough treats to reward your dog; it may also help your pet consider grooming to be something interesting.

12. Blow bubbles.

Use the ones designed for children, as they will not harm your dog when popped. Most dogs love catching soap bubbles for some reason. If you want something special, buy one of the bubble making toys offered at pet stores. It’s a combination of exercising and entertainment.

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