18 Simple Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy Indoors


13. Teach your dog the “go to” command.

It’s especially useful to teach your dog this command, as you can direct her to her bed or command her to leave the kitchen, or say her to wait for you near the door, or something else. It’s a nice addition to the basic set of commands.

14. Teach your dog to take her leash.

Why looking for everything needed for walking if your dog can do it for you? Instead of making fuss anticipating a walk, you dog can prepare her leash, find your gloves or some other object, and it also can help your dog show that she wants to go for a walk if she brings you the leash.

15. Cook some dog treats.

If you want to do something good to your dog, why not cooking some treats? There are plenty of recipes to choose from, and since most treats remind of biscuits (or ARE biscuits), you can prepare them in advance to play with your dog further or give them as a reward for completed tasks.

16. Invite some other dog.

Most dogs get on well, and if you have a friend, who is also a dog owner, invite him to your place. You will chat/work/study with your guest, and your pet will be playing with the dog your friend has taken with him or her.

17. Make DIY toys.

You can make your own dog toys using wood, cloths, towels, etc. If you have enough toys, don’t forget to rotate them, as dogs get bored when they have the same toys. Use a couple of them simultaneously while hiding all the rest, and then switch them to something else.

18. Create a set of obstacles.

Dogs love such physical training, and you can make a set of obstacles including chairs, toys, towels, etc. Just have your dog follow the line of easy challenges (like jumping over a toy and then proceeding to rolling over) to get a reward. Make sure you have enough treats for your pet!

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