Tender Heart: Pit Bull Adores His Kitty And Treats Her Like A Child


Meet Bubba – the rescue pit bull that was taken from a shelter by Rebecca Pizzello. It was then, when he was just three months old, that he came to love kittens. Now that Bubba and Pizzello have moved to New York City, she decided to make Bubba’s dream come true and buy a kitten.

Pizzello took a small ginger kitten from a shelter, just like Bubba. The pets’ owner loes both her animals have the same coloring. Bubba immediately fell in love with the kitten the moment he saw her.

Bubba treats the kitten like a daughter: he enjoys bathing her, sleeps with her and takes care about her. The pet’s mom believes the kitten thinks Bubba is her mom.

Here is a rescue pit bull Bubba, and he has loved kittens since he was a tiny puppy.

It took him six long years to get a kitten of his own, but the dream finally came true!

Bubba plays the role of a mother, he even bathes his adorable kitten.

Bubba enjoys sleeping together with the kitten. And no wonder – Bubba’s such a good pillow for the kitty!


The kitty comes from a shelter, just like Bubba.


It’s fascinating how wonderful they look together, especially with their identical coloring.


Bubba has always wanted to have a kitten to take care of like a mother.



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