Top 10 German Shepherd-Like Dog Breeds


Beautiful, intelligent, devoted, courageous, alert – German Shepherds are one of the world’s most popular dog breeds for a reason.

But did you know there are other dogs that look like the German Shepherd? Let’s have a look.

1. Dutch Shepherd

Dutch Shepherd

Very obedient, alert and always on-guard, the Dutch Shepherd is a black or dark-grey short-haired breed bred by the Dutch farmers. They are very dedicated to protecting their family and owners. Note that these dogs require early training to bring up the best they can do.

2. White Shepherd (Berger Blanc Suisse)

White Shepherd

This beautiful show-white dog has an amazing personality. It is very loyal to its owners and takes every stranger with a grain of salt, not trusting them easily. Of course, they are very intelligent and shine bright upon receiving a good training.

3. King Shepherd

King Shepherd

The King Shepherd is a gigantic long-haired shepherd dog of mostly brown and similar colors originally bred in the US. They will police the territory well but they are generally less aggressive than the German Shepherds.

4. Belgian Tervuren Shepherd

Belgian Tervuren Shepherd

Another dog similar to the German Shepherd is Belgian Tervuren Shepherd. Its long coat looks luxurious and soft and they are brilliant for any rescue operations. They are somewhat smaller than the German Shepherds but equally bright, loyal and energetic.

5. Shiloh Shepherd

Shiloh Shepherd

A few interesting facts about the Shiloh Shepherds are that they are quite rare and have the Alaskan malamute blood as well. These dogs thrive when having tons of outdoor activities and if they do not have a chance to run, they can become aggressive and unpredictable.

6. Bohemian Shepherd

Bohemian Shepherd

The Bohemian Shepherd, oftentimes referred to as the Czech Sheepdog, is a long-haired breed of a primarily brown color that varied greatly in shades. It is smaller than the German Shepherds and very friendly. You may not find this breed easily as it is one of those different breeds of the German Shepherds only bred in the 1980s.

7. Carpathian Shepherd

Carpathian Shepherd

The Carpathian Shepherd is a huge long-haired dog that can adopt well to all sorts of environment and tasks. Originally bred in Romania, they are powerful and muscular enough to wander through the woods and fight against a wolf. They are very smart and reliable.

8. East European Shepherd

East European Shepherd

The East European Shepherd is an amazing German Shepherd look alike breed. Its most notable characteristic is the ability to withstand freezing temperatures. Originally bred around the 1930s in Russia, they are hard-working and mostly come in a variety of grey colors.

9. Northern Inuit

Northern Inuit

The Northern Inuit is very similar to a wolf with its beautiful grey fur and elegant build. This breed originated by crossing the German Shepherd, Inuit dog and Siberian Husky. It always was a domestic dog, very friendly and playful. Like most dogs similar to the German Shepherd, they need appropriate training from the early months.

10. American Alsatian

American Alsatian

The last one in our mix of the German Shepherd-like dogs is American Alsatian. They are generally larger than the German Shepherds but much less aggressive. Wonderful companions, they are patient and loyal and would love to play with children, at the same time staying alert to any danger or strangers.

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