This Black Lab Is Slowly Turning White, So Internet Responds With Photoshop Battle


Reddit is full of creative people who love using Photoshop to alter pictures so they get even funnier than the original.

eRadthorpe, one of the Reddit users, uploaded a picture of a dog with strange white spots around the eyes, which arouses suspicion that he’d already used Photoshop, but that’s not true: the dog suffers from vitiligo (no worries: the condition is harmless). After that, many started creating new images with the dog, and here’s what we have.

#1 Original

#2 Pandadog

#3 Dogpool

#4 The Kissdog!!!

#5 Barkfest At Tiffany’s

#6 Spider Dog!

#7 Rorschach

#8 This Was My First Thought

#9 Eyebrows

#10 Hamburglar

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