Eating Grass: What a Mysterious Dog’s Desire?


If you have a dog or even if you don’t, you may see this unexpectable behavior: the dog, wolf’s descendant, beast of prey eating the grass and of course you had this question in your head: “Why does my dog eat grass?”.

You may feed your adorable pet with the best and expensive food but when the dog is outside it wants grass. Why is that? Is that normal for a dog? Is grass good for dogs? How to stop it? A lot of questions! The scientists as always can’t leave the topic without their attention. There are several opinions and we will name two of it the most popular ones.

Eating Grass: What a Mysterious Dog’s Desire?

Why vomiting happens?

The dog is eating the grass and then it is vomiting. So, it could happen for some reason such as:

  • Digestive problems. The vomiting animal is trying to get harmful substances and bad products out of its system.
  • Unbalanced feeding. The dog may have a lack of vitamins or minerals. Add to the basic dog’s diet some vegetables and fruits is usually solving the problem.
  • The dog just simply cleans its stomach getting rid of the hair that come inside while it does washing-up.
  • If it isn’t a random grass or leaves dog is eating but always the same it may help to diagnose a problem that your pet has.
  • An animal has spent little time moving around. In this case plants speed up food to pass through the gastrointestinal tract. They also accelerate intestinal peristalsis and all the grass come out immediately hardly have been chewed.
  • It goes without saying that if the dog vomits systematically it is better to go to the doctor.

dog eats from mini organic pet grass kitDogs who do not have any problems we have discussed above still may want to treat themselves to the grass, so sometimes dogs keep eating grass.

Pet likes the taste and the smell of fresh juicy plants. They are a source of healthy ingredients and plant fibers, source of energy for the dog.

Don’t worry, just let them eat grass

You should not worry about your eating grass puppy or dog (in this case age is irrelevant). They do it for a reason to make them feel better if there are any problems or just enjoying it. But there is one thing you should be sure about the quality of the grass. It should be without any chemicals, pesticides etc. If you have your own garden or lawn around the house check all items for gardening as a rule they have a notice about pet’s safety.

Mini Organic Dog Grass KitIn addition to that you can visit some pet-shop. They have wide seed’s assortment and a salesman helps you to choose a
special grass for your dog.

No matter where to plant it either in your own garden or in the flowerpot. Two weeks and it is ready for your animal! As long it isn’t dirt your dog may eat it as much as it wants.

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