The Truth About Why Dogs Tilt Their Heads


Surely you have seen many times certain head tilt in dogs. Most probably you have asked yourself “Why do dogs tilt their heads?” It happens as a response to some kind of noise or someone’s voice. Most people do not try to explain the real intention of this motion and see it just as funny as it is. In spite of that, scientists still don’t find an accurate explanation of this “tilt head” fact, there are some interesting hypotheses which are trying to get us closer to the truth.

Let’s start going through them

Dogs use this “tilt head” trick to endear people to them. Maybe they are aware that we react positively to this posture. So, they are doing it to get a smile or some treat. And by the way, people do have the same gesture in their body language but the meaning is a little different. Eventually, this is a common social signal for both of us.

Another theory tells us about dog’s flexible ears, which let them find where the sound comes from in the fastest way. Plus to this, they are able to calculate time difference in which the sound can reach each ear. That is why dogs turn their head a little, just to get extra information about the distance from which the sound comes. Also, dogs strain ears in an effort to identify familiar words or manner of speaking that associates with a reward, a walk or another enjoyment.

Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads

Next statement is about middle ear muscle. It rules part of the dog’s brain which is responsible for a facial gesture and a head movement. For this reason, dog tilts its head trying to understand you right, to communicate with you and to assure you that this communication is interesting.

One more theory claims that asymmetrical head position as any other part of the body shows involvement in a process. Similar signals like one closed eye, one raised paw stand for the same. All that means an animal is ready for an action, it cares about what is happening at the moment.

Besides all aforesaid the dogs that have long foreface tilt their head to see its owner better or a thing that is making a noise. Dogs have eyes located on each side of its head and in a normal straight position it doesn’t give them clear view to the motionless subject.

To sum up, there are many scientific opinions about this adorable “tilt head” fact that can be followed in puppy and in dogs.  Maybe in the future they will come to the one explanation and definition. But, for now, you can choose whatever hypothesis you like the most or simply do your own research of shake, tilt and turn of dog’s heads.

The Truth About Why Dogs Tilt Their Heads

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